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Historic Cherry Hill Names New Executive Director published May 21, 2019


It’s official! Deborah Emmons-Andarawis has been named the new Director of Historic Cherry Hill after serving as Acting Director for just over a year.

Deborah is no stranger to Cherry Hill—she has served as curator since 2008, managing the 70,000 artifacts and manuscripts housed at the Edward Frisbee Center for Collections and Research and the furnished rooms of the historic house, initiating numerous grant projects, and helping to oversee the $2 million restoration of the historic house, which will be wrapping up later this year.

The Board quickly developed confidence in Ms. Emmons-Andarawis in her new role and concluded that she is the best candidate to fill the position of Director at this very pivotal time in HCH’s history.

“I am so impressed with how seamlessly Deborah transitioned to her new leadership role and in her loyalty to and passion for HCH,” said Maryrita Dobiel, President of the Board of Trustees.  “In a very short time, she has mounted a Herculean effort to ensure HCH’s successful re-opening, while at the same time keeping the long-term health of the organization in her sights.”

So what does the new Director have to say? To begin with, she says she “drank the Cherry Hill Kool-Aid” a long, long time ago. “Cherry Hill is a historic site unlike any other.  There’s no other place so authentic, so real, no better place to get sucked into the past and think about why it matters today.  It’s an amazing place—and I’m committed to helping it thrive.”

“This is a very exciting time to be at the helm of Cherry Hill,” she went on. “As we look forward to the great ‘unveiling’ of the ‘Yellow House on the Hill,’ we envision a Cherry Hill that is a focal point of heritage tourism as well as a recognized research center. This is a moment of unprecedented opportunity, and we look forward to sharing the wonders of Cherry Hill in a big way.”