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Sail the Hudson River–Online! published April 09, 2020

The museum’s school programs may be on hold because of the Coronavirus pandemic–but students and teachers can still chart their course down to the New York Port and back–following in the wake of Cherry Hill’s Hudson River trader Philip Van Rensselaer (1747-1798)–by visiting the Programs page of Historic Cherry Hill’s website. (On the Programs page, click on the “School Programs” tab on the left.) Adapted from the real-life, real-time school program, The Hudson River Trading Game, now students can either print out a game board from the website or use a tablet as a game board to experience the challenges of 18th-century trade and travel on the Hudson River. Sailing on the river during the 1700s was unpredictable, and the game is too…All we can say is stay safe and good luck!