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Historic Cherry Hill Welcomes Dr. Paul Huey to the 25th Annual Albany History Fair published May 03, 2024

Historic Cherry Hill is pleased to welcome Dr. Paul Huey as a special speaker AND the Honorary Chair of the 25th Annual Albany History Fair, “400 Years of Going Dutch.” At 3:30 p.m., Dr. Huey, lead archaeologist on the excavation of the Fort Orange site in 1970, will describe what the unearthed artifacts revealed about life in early Albany.

During his tenure as a Scientist-Archaeologist at the Office of Parks Recreation & Historic Preservation, Dr. Huey established and directed the first statewide historical archaeology program for research and interpretation of the State Historic Sites. He performed excavations at all 36 State Historic Sites as well as the Schuyler Flatts and other endangered sites, and in 1970 he led the excavation of the Fort Orange site, revealing previously unknown insights into life in early Albany. Throughout his career, Dr. Huey has raised awareness of the region’s Dutch history and its significance through ongoing interpretation, writing, and presentations, and he applies his expertise from his Ph.D. in American Civilization at the University of Pennsylvania and his years of research and experience in the field to give talks all over the state and help others in their research.